Saturday, August 14, 2010


all photos of Rottach-Egern, Germany

After Austria, Eleanor Lambert flew to Rottach-Egern in Germany for her yearly “Live Cell Treatments” at the Four Seasons Medical Center and Clinic.

The Clinic, as we called it, was one of the clients I worked on with Miss Lambert. Headed up by Dr. Claus Martin, Medical Director, the Clinic is located on a beautiful lake in Bavaria. Dr. Martin is a leading expert in therapy to halt the aging process, stop chronic disease as well as diseased organs—with a natural form of genetic engineering called Live Cell Therapy.

Miss Lambert was very healthy - so her treatments consisted of therapy to stop the aging process. While at the Clinic, Miss Lambert called the office a little more than usual – sharing the details of her daily shots…

Did it work???

All I can tell you is that when Miss Lambert came back to New York she looked great and claimed she felt even better! Miss Lambert lived to be 100 – and she professed her longevity in part to the treatments from Dr. Martin. I know a few other celebrities and high-profile people who benefited from the treatments at the Clinic who might not have been as forthcoming as Miss Lambert.

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