Saturday, July 17, 2010


Fleur Cowles, Editor of Flair Magazine, 1950

The Best of Flair, 1996

Fleur Cowles in Vanity Fair Magazine

Fleur Cowles was the legendary creator and editor of Flair Magazine in 1950-51.

One of the best books and best titles of a book is Fleur Cowles’ memoir, She Made Friends and Kept Them published in 1996.

In that book Fleur Cowles recounts…

Two very, very different women lit up the New York scene when I lived there; one was writer Anita Loos; the other, who happily is still alive, aged over ninety, is Eleanor Lambert.

She goes on…

Eleanor Lambert, high priestess of fashion publicity, was affectionately and glamorously feted by New York City when she reached her ninetieth birthday in 1993. Her hundreds of celebrated friends came from all strata of the fashion world, the press and politics, from everywhere in fact. Her age is of no consequence; she doesn’t look or even begin to act it. Although she has a New York office and staff, I sometimes think her real office must be on a plane jetting from country to country. If a boast can be made I would like to make it: she is the fashion industry. She brought it to prominence in the 1930s. Most big names in the industry owe their fame to her, and charities benefit from her ideas and support.

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i am learning more about Eleanor Lembert, she is FABULOUS